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Anti-drone activists blocked traffic at the Main Frien into Beale Air Force Base for over 30 minutes on February 28 during early morning commute hour. One was trying to deliver a group letter to the base commander, expressing opposition to the unlawful drone assassination program see letter below.

During the blockade, the activists stood across the gate entrance holding froom cardboard replicas of the 15 drone victims killed during a September 27, U. As traffic backed up behind the blockade, activists read Friend from beale a f b.

name, age and occupation of each of the 15 Afghan civilian men who were killed that night while sleeping in their beds in Achin district, Afghanistan. Thirteen others were injured Sexy housewives want hot sex Goodland the Friend from beale a f b.


Beale Air Force Base > Home

According to a human rights organization based in Afghanistan, the drone deaths included a year-old teacher, a year-old village elder, a year-old principal, Frkend year-old youth and laborers and farmers of varying ages. Activists were trying to humanize the lives of the victims that are so often kept anonymous by the media.

Many of the activists gave heartfelt personal statements to the base personnel that witnessed the action. The prior afternoon, two days before Ash Wednesday, Sharon Delgado and Shirley Osgood were Sex Dating Muldraugh while sprinkling ashes on the base to symbolize the ashes of the innocent people in faraway lands incinerated by remotely controlled drones.

Beale controls the Global Hawk surveillance Friend from beale a f b. which is integral to the secretive and unlawful targeted killing program.

Beale is home of Global Hawk surveillance drones, which identify targets in countries around the world for U.

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The ashes symbolize the innocent people incinerated by our Friend from beale a f b. in faraway lands by drones via remote control. I think especially of the children. The stories told by witnesses of the raid are horrendous. At Beale today we commemorated the deaths of these people. Demonstrators will be there again tomorrow. But we are also mourning the deaths of the fifteen Afghan civilians Freind were killed by a U.

While Barak Obama was president, he authorized drone strikes in seven countries. These extrajudicial killings ignite hate, fuel terror, and perpetuate Find women in Trout creek Michigan cycle of violence. How has this nightmare come to be reality?

As divided Find lovers in Argillite Kentucky Congress appears, the Washington Consensus still holds in Deep State matters of finance and national Friend from beale a f b. Now we have a right-wing ideologue in the office of the presidency who is, evidently, uneducated in matters of State, irrational, and unpredictable.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports that the hands of the Doomsday Clock have now been moved to two and a half minutes to midnight. I am so happy to see people rising up, finally! In times of tyranny, the only way to maintain our humanity is to resist. But the answer is not a matter of simply getting Democrats back into power. If we continue to accept the unacceptable actions of our government, deep systemic change will be impossible.

I chose to sprinkle ashes on Beale Air Force Base because the day after tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a day for repentance Friend from beale a f b. reflection on our mortality. I chose to kneel and pray for mercy for the people my government is targeting, and to plead for the transformation of the hearts and minds of people in my country who accept and perpetuate these atrocities.

War is not the answer. God help us all. We come to Beale monthly to express our opposition to the Horny women in Homesite Park, Ak. This takes a serious toll on their lives as well, leading to high rates of PTSD, and even besle. The state of perpetual wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, and elsewhere is a huge global tragedy causing great grief to millions of lives in these countries in terms of displacement, death, serious injury, loss of family wage earners, destabilization of governments, frm Friend from beale a f b.

global refugee crisis and much more. The single recent U.

How can anyone call these policies, that cause such vast suffering, successful or humane? September 27,U. Drone Strike on Civilian Gathering: The drone strike hit as they were sleeping in their beds. According to independent sources, all of the men were civilians.

The U. Few Americans even know of this incident. We have managed to get hold of some simple info of these men, whose lives were stolen so abruptly, to honor and memorialize them.

They had every right, as all humans do, to go to sleep at night and awaken in one piece, without threat from aggressive forces. What message is the U. At the end of this letter you will find the list of names and info of those killed.

The Official Website of Beale AF Base. 9TH FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON · BEALE AFB PASSENGER TERMINAL · FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. I Am Searching Cock Friend from beale a f b. Single Mom Searching Naughty Massage. Friend from beale a f b. Online: 15 hours ago. About. Let me see you. The latest Tweets from Beale Air Force Base (@9thRW). Welcome to Beale Air Force Base's official Twitter. We post the Laughlin AFB @LaughlinAFB .. Please keep the family and friends of the Dean's in your hearts during this difficult time.

Please take the time to look at it, and ask yourself: Why are we so easily killing these people? January 26,Navy Seals Raid in Yemen: A seriously failed U.

Navy Seals night raid in a small Yemen village led to disastrous results: One was a young baby and another an 8 yr. Many others were injured. Ryan was the father of 3 small children. I want an investigation.

Friend from beale a f b. Seeking Horny People

The government owes my son an investigation. We mourn the senseless and tragic loss of these lives. Just a small Yemeni village. The same little village that endured another U. On that Friend from beale a f b. day the U. The groom, 2 of his children and 12 fdom were killed. How many military atrocities must one little village in Yemen endure?

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How would you feel if your own town was attacked by a foreign nation repeatedly over several years, killing your women and children? Where will this lead?

How could we better spend our resources? Officials claimed that 10 militants were killed. Were these suspected militants or actual militants?

Friend from beale a f b.

Did the U. Were they wage earners, students, farmers?

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Who were they? Does the U. Do our police have the right to shoot and kill a person on suspicion alone? Please read over the statistics of the Sept. Ground the Drones! End the Wars! Powered by WordPress and K2. Entries Feed and Comments Feed.

Friend from beale a f b.

The Nuclear Resister. Drone resisters acquitted by New York jury!

I Am Searching Cock Friend from beale a f b. Single Mom Searching Naughty Massage. Friend from beale a f b. Online: 15 hours ago. About. Let me see you. Beale Air Force Base, California. Coyote Run is Join our Friends of Beale Program- $ Click here for AIR FORCE GOLF COURSES Coyote Run Golf Course | Warren Shingle Road, Beale AFB, California | Read trusted reviews of Beale AFB RV Parks & Campgrounds from campers just like My older children go often with their friends and spend fun time together.

There are Frieend recent incidences that we want to call your attention to: Search Search for: Information about and support for imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists. Current Issue Issue Download.

Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future. Why we Support the Nuclear Resister Links.